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The July & August Recap

The last 2 months here at Zero Latency VR have been massive. In just 8 weeks we have deployed 5 sites in 4 countries and hit 1 million plays. If you’ve spoken to anyone at our company recently, you’ve probably got a sense of the break neck pace and the collaborative effort that spans the entire business in deploying so many new venues around the globe.

Take a look at the newest VR entertainment venues to join the world’s largest Free Roam Virtual Reality network.

Andorra la Vella, Andorra

Dallas, Texas, USA

Mumbai, India

Reno, Nevada, USA

Montreal, Canada

Back to the 1 millionth plays milestone. We hit 500,000 in August 2018. That’s a pretty notable increase and we like to celebrate our wins at Zero Latency.

A massive achievement deserves and equally massive cake, which I noted was delicious but challenging to slice. It was an intimate party with the team here in Melbourne on a Friday evening, with celebrations, cheers and a friendly Sol Raiders tournament keeping the competitive spirit of being in entertainment tech alive throughout the evening.

I’d like to celebrate our new partners and congratulate them on the hard work, dedication and passion for entertaining customers I’m seeing at each of these incredible new VR arenas.