Feel the Future. With Zero Latency

We have built the only full-freedom wireless VR experience on the planet.
It's how VR was meant to be. No wires, no game pads, no treadmills. Just step in and go.

Feel the Future. With Zero Latency

We have built the only full-freedom wireless VR experience on the planet.
It's how VR was meant to be. No wires, no game pads, no treadmills. Just step in and go.

One System. Limitless Possibilities.

Our platform offers the most immersive, integrated virtual reality experience on the market today. By mixing together motion capture and wireless wearable technology we can bring any digital environment to life; with unprecedented fidelity and presence. You become the controller. Our system is completely free roam, scalable to over 200m2, features integrated wireless controllers and can handle multiple simultaneous users.

Because what you're seeing and what you’re feeling match perfectly, people experience no nausea or “sim sickness”, a major hurdle for uptake with other VR experiences. Our system is portable, so it can be used for “pop-up” events that can be set up in a matter of hours.
If you want to take your design from a screen to an experience, train for dangerous situations in safety or entertain your customers in a totally new way, then our system can take you there.

Immerse them in your digital world.


Make your ideas come to life and let your clients explore them. Using Unity 3D as our engine, you can easily import and work with common file formats from Revit, 3d Studio Max and other 3D applications. Whether you are iterating through a design or pitching for work, get your client on the same page by letting them walk into your ideas, not just see them on screen. Our system can cater in size for board room demo’s to walk throughs of entire buildings using over 200m2 of trackable space.

You can create a range of digital concepts and walk people around them, all at the click of a button. Our system can capture data as users are in the system and let you see through their eyes. You can record what they looked at and where they went, create heat maps and put yourself in their shoes.


Digital training is fast becoming the norm across a range of industries from mining to the military. 2D projections allow users to observe and interact, but our immersive free roam system takes interactive training to a whole new level. If you are making training simulations professionally or are looking for a cost effective way to deliver your existing real world or interactive training, our system provides a tool to create compelling training content across a range of scenarios.

You can put people in situations that feel real and using our wireless controllers allow them to interact as naturally as possible. Users don’t need to master complex controls, they simply walk in to the space and start to operate as they would in real life. You can capture data, set tests and customise the simulation on the fly all from a central console or a tablet. You can also see through the eyes of the participants in real time when they are training in the system.

Marketing / Entertainment:


Bring that extra point of difference to your next marketing activation with an interactive, wireless VR experience. Let people explore your brand in a completely immersive environment and give them an experience they won’t forget. Working with our creative partners we can tailor an experience to you or let your preferred creative agency go nuts using our SDK to bring your next marketing event to life.

Gaming is taken to a whole new level with Zero Latency. Multiplayer, free roam VR gives players an unrivaled level of immersion and gives players a game experience they won’t ever forget. Existing games can be easily ported across or you can use our existing content. The system allows for pop-up gaming events or can be installed permanently.

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