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Virtual Reality

One moment you’re living in your world, the next you’re lost in ours. You know you’re just visiting, but your mind is convinced otherwise. Your heart is pounding, the adrenaline is flowing, you try to remind yourself that these worlds aren’t real... but the feelings definitely are. One moment is all it takes to be consumed in a world that will blow your mind forever.

Zero Latency Players
Multiplayer Free-Roam VR

How Does it Work?

Free-roam virtual reality lets you and your friends explore virtual worlds like you do real life. You’re taken inside a game, where your body is the controller and your mind believes it’s real.


It's a unique combination of technology, software and pure imagination that transports you to the ultimate social entertainment experiences. Our worlds are continually expanding, ensuring you and your friends are left with mind-altering experiences every single time.

Warehouse Scale

Physical Space

Our playing spaces are warehouse scale, designed for up to 8 players, and once you and your team enter the virtual world, creative methods reuse the space transforming them to epic scale! Untethered, you and your friends can freely and confidently explore the game space engaged in our immersive worlds, not having to wonder where the walls are.

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The Controller

Custom-made simulated weapon and game controllers are designed for maximum immersion. The perfectly-weighted weapons have been built to reflect the real thing.


The VR Headset

Alter your reality with world-class OSVR HDK2 head mounted displays featuring 2K resolution, delivering graphic detail that’ll leave you questioning what’s real.


The Headphones

Our Razer headphone and microphone units provide an ultra-realistic level of surround sound and a clear and crisp line of communication across all players involved.


The Backpack

The military-grade backpack contains a high-performance Alienware PC gaming computer, powering a truly free-roam experience.



Our latest release. A multilevel next gen zombie shooter with advanced storytelling, ultra-realistic zombies (based on motion capture of live actors), and an epic final boss battle. It's the most advanced free-roam, multiplayer VR zombie game ever made!

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Infinite Possibilities


Best new game award winner! A secret military space station has gone dark and it falls on you and your team to investigate why. No signs of life remain…well, human life anyway. Your journey to space begins, but will the answers you find lead to your end?

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Caught in the middle of a zombie outbreak, you and your team are trapped in a fort, surrounded by chaos, carnage and undead corpses craving human flesh.

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Impossible Worlds


Best new game award winner! Get ready to have your world turned upside down. Literally. Engineerium is a walking adventure that'll leave you questioning your own reality.

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Your mission is simple. Kill the undead and if you manage to navigate the streets and find the transport ship, you’ll never feel more alive.

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Only available in Melbourne Australia

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