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Zero Latency VR Opening In Italy

Ben Thompson & Sandro Duarte Alves
Ben Thompson & Sandro Duarte Alves

Milan, 1 March – Zero Latency VR, the global leader in free-roam multiplayer virtual reality entertainment, will open their 52nd gaming arena in Milan on April 9th. The Australian-based tech innovator has partnered with Live Action Gaming (LAG), an Italian start-up dedicated to investing in technologies that bridge physical and digital entertainment, to bring their warehouse-sized multiplayer gaming experience to Italy for the first time.  

“We’re excited to bring our free-roam virtual reality experience to Italy, allowing players to explore digital worlds as if they were actually living in them,” said Zero Latency VR CEO Tim Ruse. “Whether you’re looking for something to do with family and friends, a fun hens and bucks night activity, or something different for the work Christmas party, a session in Zero Latency VR won’t soon be forgotten”. 

The team behind LAG includes three MBA graduates of the Politecnico di Milano, where the ambition to bring Zero Latency to Italy was birthed. 

"We’ve been following the Zero Latency VR story for years. When we finally decided to fly to Madrid and try it out, we were immediately convinced that this was something Italians would love" said Ben Thompson, president of the LAG board. "We have worked very hard this year, despite COVID, to launch the project, with the goal of opening the coolest Zero Latency VR venue in the world to date. I couldn’t be prouder of our small, dedicated team, and I can assure you that we couldn’t be more excited to be going live with the experience in April. This is the future of entertainment and we look forward to a great opening, strong growth and further expansion in Italy in the years to come".

The Zero Latency VR system gives up to eight people the chance to play with or against each other in a variety of completely immersive digital worlds. The library of owned IP includes a half dozen games and Ubisoft is working with the company to bring an exclusive Far Cry® 3 experience to the system in 2021. More than 1 million people have already enjoyed a Zero Latency VR game.

"It’s a wild experience,’ said Sandro Duarte Alves, LAG founding partner. "One minute you are in an empty warehouse and then you put on the headset and boom, you’re in a spaceship or fighting zombies alongside your friends. It only takes a few seconds before you completely lose yourself in the game!".

Throughout 2020, Zero Latency VR instituted physical and digital protocols to make the experience as safe as possible during lockdowns and pandemic restrictions. Cleaning procedures ensure all the equipment is sanitized after every game and the system itself uses state-of-the-art player tracking and proximity alerts to keep players a safe distance from one another, which has allowed many venues to weather restrictions and remain open. Despite COVID, the LAG team is confident Italians will enjoy the experience.

"We’ve all been cooped up inside for a year, streaming shows and fighting boredom and isolation" said Mr. Thompson. "We know everyone is hungry for a new experience, something away from home, something social they can do with friends, the cooler the better. Whether you’re a family looking to get out of the house, a group of friends looking to for a fun night out, or an HR rep looking for a safe way to reconnect your staff with some innovative team building after a year of work-from-home, we’ve got you. I can promise you Zero Latency VR is an amazing, safe, unforgettable experience that’s never been seen in Italy before. Come try it out. You’ll love it".

Zero Latency VR Milano is located at Via Biscelgie 74, Milano. It opens doors to the public April 9th, 2021. Early-bird discounts are available via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter  and Linkedin. Bookings can be made directly at and will be redeemable for a year in the event that Lombardia COVID regulations delay the launch.

About Zero Latency VR

Zero Latency VR opened the world’s first free-roam VR entertainment venue in 2015 and has grown into the largest free-roam virtual reality entertainment network on the planet today, making it accessible to millions worldwide. Zero Latency VR now has 52 venues in 23 countries and counting.

About Live Action Gaming VR 

Live Action Gaming, founded in 2019, seeks to explore and provide entertainment experiences on the frontiers between the real world and the digital one, including augmented and fully virtual realities. The company seeks to identify, evaluate and invest in top tier technologies that bridge these worlds. LAG’s first endeavor is to bring Zero Latency VR to Italy at their exclusive Milan venue.