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Zero Latency To Offer Customers Mixed Reality Content

Zero Latency, the pioneer and global leader in free-roam, multiplayer virtual reality entertainment, has partnered with Blueprint Reality to offer customers mixed reality content from their gaming experiences.

“Our VR experiences are memorable and exciting social events. We want to give our customers and clients something that tells the story of their time at Zero Latency. A little bit of their experience they can take with them and share with their friends and family and on social media of course” says Zero Latency CEO Tim Ruse.

The MixCast VR Marketing System creates mixed reality images from a VR experience, capturing pictures and videos of people within a virtual environment.

“Zero Latency provides customers with incredible VR experiences and MixCast will allow their personal journeys to be captured and shared” says Blueprint Reality CEO and Co-founder Tarrnie Williams. “Whether videos are live streamed in the venue for spectators to enjoy, or shared on social media, MixCast makes a trip to Zero Latency even more social, engaging and fun for everyone.”

The partnership with Blueprint Reality is a part of Zero Latency’s commitment to making their VR experiences as engaging to spectate as they are to play.

“We want to give our customers something from their VR experience that they can take home with them says Zero Latency CTO Scott Vandonkelaar. “A special moment from the game you’ve just played where you can see your physical self within the virtual world.”

Blueprint Reality are the creators of the MixCast platform and the MixCast VR Marketing System, a video-based mixed reality program that puts customers into a VR experience, automatically captures photo and video of them in the virtual world they’re in, and delivers immediately accessible, personalized, shareable social media content. Blueprint Reality was selected by Ready to Rocket as a 2018 Revenue Growth Leader of Tomorrow.