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5 minutes with Chloe Ho - Melbourne Operations Manager

I'm Chloe Ho, and I’m the Operations Manager at Zero Latency Melbourne. I work with a team of dedicated Game Masters to deliver the very best customer experience, as efficiently as possible.
What's the Melbourne team like?
My Game Masters are awesome. I consider myself very lucky to have a passionate, engaged, supportive team who give 100% to every customer engagement. They're a fun bunch of young individuals who are also very quirky, or as I like to say, they're all very 'extra'. 
Most memorable Zero Latency moment so far?
The grand opening of Zero Latency Melbourne (15 August 2015). There were six of us around a table with a small red velvet cake, celebrating just before the first customers arrived. From our humble beginnings to our current team of 55+ full-time employees, I knew that it was the start of something special. 
What's Melbourne life like?
It's really welcoming and accepting. I appreciate how diverse Melbourne is both in what it has to offer and who you can meet.
Melbourne dining trend of the right now?
'Feed Me' menus. I'm obsessed! We had our 2016 Zero Latency Christmas party at Dexter in Preston. I went back there recently to try their 'Feed Me' menu. 10/10 for their meat donuts and burnt sriracha corn.
Place in Melbourne to go catch up with a friend?
I'd invite them over to mine. I'm a homebody so if I can stay in my PJ's and lend them a pair of mine, we're sitting on the couch with a cup of tea and a family size block of Kit Kat.


What experience do you want Zero Latency customers to have?
I want to make a lasting impression because I believe that we only succeed if the customer has a great Zero Latency experience. The best VR experience they've ever had in their life. I want them to talk about the game for days after they've played. 
Most used social media platform, personally?
Instagram. Kyle (our Brisbane Operations Manager) and I usually send videos to each other during lunch breaks. The fact that it connects us with fun filters is why I enjoy the platform. I've yet to learn how to use the filters but Kyle does a great job at it!
Best thing about VR?
Player reactions. I've watched hundreds of customers play our games and I never get tired of watching their reactions. The idea that a virtual experience can evoke extreme emotions in all of us is incredible and hilarious.
All-time favourite game?
I'm one of the very few people at Zero Latency who does not play games. If I had to pick, it would have to be Gang Beasts. I watched my colleagues play it recently and laughed so hard I cried.
How did you land the Zero Latency job?
I never understood what it meant when people said 'I fell into it', but I get it now. I responded to a Facebook ad in 2015 for a casual Game Master position after looking for full-time work for a year. One thing led to another and the Directors kept giving me more responsibility. Fast forward 3 years later and I'm still here. Yay!
Canines or Felines?
Canines of course! There's a quote that says: 'Be the person your dog thinks you are'. That pretty much sums up why.