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Next Gen Zero Latency VR Platform

The Next Generation In Free Roam Virtual Reality

Announcing the Zero Latency VR Platform, developed in collaboration with Microsoft, HP and Intel

Tomorrow Entertainment Doubles Down on Zero Latency VR with 2nd Venue

Macau’s Galaxy Casino features the 19th arena in the world powered by Zero Latency’s industry leading free-roam VR technology Tomorrow Entertainment has once again partnered with Zero Latency, the irrefutable world leader in location-based, free-roam, multiplayer virtual reality entertainment, to open its second epic scale Zero Latency arena in Macau. The Macau location opened ...

Zero Latency collaborating with Microsoft, HP, and Intel

Zero Latency is collaborating with Microsoft, HP, and Intel to create the next generation of the Zero Latency platform

Zero Latency is collaborating with Microsoft, HP, and Intel to create the next generation of the Zero Latency platform

Zero Latency CTO featured in Business Excellence Magazine

Our CTO Scott Vandonkelaar discusses Zero Latency in the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Publication

Ryan Hamlet - Head of Deployment at Zero Latency VR

Roam Wasn't Built in a Day

Head of Deployment Ryan Hamlet reflects on his time at Zero Latency as his team gears up for site 23

Your First Steps Into Location Based Virtual Reality

Tim Ruse takes a look at the VR market and its segments

5 minutes with Chloe Ho - Melbourne Operations Manager

I'm Chloe Ho, and I’m the Operations Manager at Zero Latency Melbourne. I work with a team of dedicated Game Masters to deliver the very best customer experience, as efficiently as possible.   What's the Melbourne team like?   My Game Masters are awesome. I consider myself very lucky to have a passionate, engaged, supportive team who give 100% to every customer engagement. ...

5 minutes with Krister Monsvik - Development Director

I'm Krister Monsvik and I'm the Development Director at Zero Latency. I work on the planning, coordination and efficiency of our Content and Core Teams. I am involved with breaking down requirements and making sure we're on track.   What led you down this career path?   I was interested in games at an early age and always wanted to improve and add features to them. I'm a ve ...

5 minutes with Nathan Thomas - Creative Director

I'm Nathan Thomas and I'm the Creative Director here at Zero Latency VR. I have worked in video games for 20+ years - mostly as an artist in console development. I've experienced working at AAA studios like EA Visceral, but also smaller studios and even co-run my own studio - Space Dust Studios.  At Zero Latency I'm responsible for setting the overall creative and art st ...