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Rift, Raid Repeat. An inside look at our first competitive IP – Sol Raiders.

We're pushing the envelope with original game modes to challenge more seasoned virtual buffs. Here’s a breakdown on what you can expect in our first competitive IP.

Sol Raiders League: Season One Begins In Brisbane

The first season of Sol Raiders League commences in August, in Brisbane, Australia.

Vodafone And Zero Latency Take Virtual Reality To 5G

Vodafone launch 5G with a Zero Latency powered Virtual Reality demonstration running on the new network

Zero Latency VR Opens in Germany

Zero Latency, the pioneer and global leader in free-roam, multiplayer virtual reality entertainment, has opened its 28th arena scale VR entertainment venue in Germany

Evolving Free-Roam Virtual Reality

Zero Latency To Offer Customers Mixed Reality Content

Zero Latency intends to offer customers mixed reality content from their VR experiences

Zero Latency VR Dublin

Zero Latency VR Opens in Dublin

Zero Latency VR venue 27 now open in Dublin, Ireland

Scarygirl Mission Maybee on Zero Latency's VR Platform

Scarygirl becomes first 3rd-party game on Zero Latency VR

Dark Slope's Scarygirl Mission Maybee will be the first 3rd party developed game on Zero Latency's VR Platform

Zero Latency VR Hong Kong

Zero Latency VR Opens in Hong Kong

Introducing Zero Latency VR venue 26 - Hong Kong

Next Gen Zero Latency VR Platform

The Next Generation In Free Roam Virtual Reality

Announcing the Zero Latency VR Platform, developed in collaboration with Microsoft, HP and Intel