Sol Raiders

Player vs Player

Free-Roam Virtual Reality

Choose Your Team

Assemble your squad and prepare to raid.

Geraldine Orange
Terry Blue

Explore 3 unique worlds

Battle across 3 diverse and futuristic maps, complete with unique objectives and heart-pounding engagements

Turbine Station
(Nog Ida)
Dark Wreck
Mining Canyon
(Suh’ra Jadida)
Player 2-8
Approx. Mins 15
Age 13+
Category PVP

The Story

The Search for Sol

Earth is gone...

The last remnants of humanity are traveling the universe in search of new worlds… and new wealth.

The aliens left behind Sol, a power source unlike any other.

If you get the Sol, you've got it made. But it won't be easy as everyone is chasing it!

Sol Raiders Gun

So form your crew and pilot your combat rig. Blistering, team based combat awaits!

The winners make the score.

The losers are just scrap metal.

Get ready to raid!

Sol Canister

"Zero Latency’s Latest Free-Roam Experience Made Me A Believer In VR Esports"

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