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The Legendary Free Roam

VR System


Zero Latency's Gen 2 VR System was developed in partnership with technology industry giants HP, Microsoft and Intel.

It includes the hardware and software you need to bring the world's most immersive and technologically advanced free roam virtual reality entertainment experiences to your customers.

Featured Client

Dallas, Texas

  • Jason Wright owns 2 x Zero Latency VR venues
  • He opened his first in 2017 with his father in Oklahoma
  • Dallas was the first US venue to feature Zero Latency's Gen 2 VR System

With the largest VR entertainment network in the world, nobody has the experience, expertise and passion for free roam virtual reality that Zero Latency does.


VR Headsets

Developed in partnership with HP and Microsoft, our headsets deliver graphic detail that'll leave you questioning what's real. A personal audio system delivers crystal clear surround sound and team communications.


Each player's VR experience is powered by a custom ultra-performance computer developed in partnership with HP and Intel. Clever design ensures a comfortable experience for the full duration of games.


Crafted for comfort, our controllers are designed to give players a fully immersive gaming experience, while tracking their body movement with great precision.

Content Server

The machine working behind the scene to keep your players in the virtual world is the Content Server. In addition to being the hub of your VR system's network, the Content Server also hosts our library of VR games.

Game Master Station

Game Masters act as hosts for your VR entertainment venue, ushering customers into unforgettable social gaming experiences. Manage every aspect of their journey from the Game Master station.

Management Software

Easily manage session times, pricing, bookings, payments and customer communications with our management software. Detailed reporting and advanced monitoring helps to keep your venue running seamlessly at full capacity.

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