VR Entertainment

The Zero Latency Difference

  • Industry-leading 8 players for amazing social interactions in epic-scale VR worlds
  • World's largest FRVR network
  • Managed network infrastructure like a Fortune 500 environment
  • Quick and efficient system shipping and installation gives you more time to set up your venue launch
  • World-class service from all areas including game development, deployment, support and marketing
  • We operate 2 of our own Zero Latency VR venues
  • Our partners include Sega, MGM, Bounce and Tomorrow Entertainment

"I've done VR before but [Zero Latency] was like, so much better!"

- PewDiePie (Popular YouTuber)


  • Simulated-weapon game controllers designed for maximum immersion
  • Head-mounted displays for high quality graphics
  • Military grade backpacks for comfort and durability
  • High-performance gaming computers provide reliability and high-frame rates for smooth and unrestricted game play
  • Integrated headphone and microphone units for real-time player communications


The Zero Latency cloud-based management platform allows you to easily manage session times, pricing, bookings, payments, detailed reporting and customer communications.

It also contains helpful reference materials, extensive knowledge base and training guides.

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